The Famous Clash Of Clans

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clash of clans cheatClash of clans or COC is a strategy type game. It is very well-known among many people who use smartphone like android and iOS. The characters in COC are cute but it has simple wallpaper. Why this game is popular is because the user of COC can be more than 51 million downloaders in around world.

Playing Clash Of Clans

We must tell the story of Clash of Clan before playing the game. COC is a fighting story among the clans. In this case, you will be a leader to manage the clans and town. For building any town, you should buy it with gold and elixir from the mining. The key to this game is about defending. The clans here have a duty to protect the town from attack by the enemies. On the other hands, you must attack the other town which is active. It is simple to play Clash of Clans. You also have a shield for your town. The main mission of the game is collecting trophies by completing missions.

If you want to increase the level, you should know the effective ways to reach. First, you should utilize the gems wisely, just claim that it is money in the real life so you must think twice if you want to use it. Buy some important things only that will help you to success in mission. Beside gems, you can use elixir. You may use the gems to build quickly. To get a lot of elixir and gold, you can utilize troops to destroy other towns. After destroying the town, you will get gold and elixir that help you to increase level. Playing clash of clans hack is very fun, simple and easy. Don’t give up. You must be ready with some attack, so you must have a strong defense.

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